OrangeFolded was established for women who are inspired to change their personal style, for women who value elegance, fashion and uniqueness but most of all who have the poise and confidence to be unique and are not afraid to wear something unique.  

About OrangeFolded Responsible Fashion

At OrangeFolded, we strive toward working with manufacturers and designers to focus and work on responsible production. We aim to carry long-lasting garments based on high-quality materials, craftsmanship and have a modern yet timeless design. A majority of our collections originate from Europe, some from the United States, and some from all over the globe. We meet with designers and manufacturers and hand-select every item to give special attention to the fabric, design, quality, fit, style and overall construction of garments. 

About OrangeFolded Fabrics Materials

We believe proper care for garments is essential. We encourage our customers to use their clothing for as long as possible and to sew, mend and repair, and to take care of signs of wear and tear. We are always happy to assist with care and advice and repair support. This is why each item has a list of care guidelines to make them last longer. Toward the end of a garment's life cycle, we encourage our customers to donate it to a second-hand store, so that it gets re-used to the extent possible.